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Q.10 Safety net is today’s discussion

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Safety net Which we use in the construction side. What is safety net, how does it install, What is his size, what is his type, we will know inside it?

It is very important to pay attention to our protection when we work at height. Work at a height of 1.8 m above the ground and 1.8 m below the ground. Workers need a platform when they work at high altitudes. So that no one falls from the heights and what his belongings. We need to make sure that the platform we are using has a guard rail. This prevents a person or his belongings from falling from top to bottom in any way.

Then we need to check the life line. This allows us to hang our full body and work safely. This is our fall production system. If a worker’s safety belt is damaged for any reason, additional safety is required if he does not fall from the top to the bottom. That’s why we use sefety net in this work in height.

SafetyNet can be of different types and we will talk about how to install it?

There are two types of nets, according to the manufacturing company.

  1. HDEP ( High Density Polyethylene )
  2. Metal

Both are used for different purposes. We usually use metal nets in places where there is a slope because we use this type of net to avoid falling in those places very quickly. HDEP Net We usually use this kind of place where people are more likely to go from top to bottom. We use this net horizontally. This type of net can be of different types such as 10m x 5m and 6m x4m.

This type of protection net is usually used to protect employees where work is in progress. This type of net is usually used within 6 meters below where the work is done but we cannot install below 6 meters but we can do installation above 6 meters. It is very important to install more than 2 meters wide so that the workers do not fall out of the net in any way.

How do I know if our safety net is working properly or if it is installed properly?

First of all you have to take a cement bag which is 30inch minimum in size. And fills it with 181 kg of sand, which has to be thrown down from where the work is being done on top of that net. This way the safety is checked to see if it is working properly. When Safety Net is installed, Safety Net needs to be checked thoroughly to see if there is any damage in it. If there is any damage, it is very important to buy a new set and install it.

It is very important to keep an eye on the safety net from the day after installation so that it does not cause any damage or damage in any way.

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